Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Blog

I feel like I should be posting more but I haven't really done much to post about. Since I last posted there was a big thunderstorm in town on Sunday night. It didn't bother me much since I could barely hear it over the fan in my room but my cat got scared. Between the fan and the storm she got so stressed out that threw up on my bed by my foot in the middle of the night. The fans were removed on Tuesday so she is back to normal. All the carpet in the apartment was cleaned even if the water didn't get to it.

I had my weekly pottery class on Monday. The box that I mentioned before is turning out pretty good. I glazed it with clear glaze so it should be completely done by my next class. I made my first cup and saucer that day. My mom drinks tea every morning and my dad drinks coffee so I thought for mothers day and fathers day I would make them both a cup and saucer and decorate them with something.

Today I went to Borders and read some manga. I found two new series I like called Love Attack and Sand Chronicle. I was able to find Sand Chronicle online but I'm not sure if the series is completed or not.

Right now I'm watching a new show on ABC called Happy Town. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. The beginning of the episode was ok but the ending made me wonder what's going to happen next so I think I'll keep watching it.

I wonder if anyone actually reads you blog. I know I have one follower but she's more like my stalker so she doesn't count and she hasn't given me any comments. Maybe I'll talk about art next and show some of the pretty art she's done for me since she doesn't seem to post in her own blog.